Cleaning the car radiator

The car radiator cleaning is something we must do to ensure that, due to use, not rust and release excess sedimentation. Its role in the cooling system is vital as it helps to keep the engine cool. If you do not notice problems with which we clean every two years is enough.

The operation of cleaning cooling must be done in cold, as if the engine is hot, for sure, we will burn by the high temperature of the water or the steam itself.

When we are sure that the engine is cold, open the hood and engine cover and cleaned with a brush and soapy water, metal grills radiator. There is usually sediment that will help easily if you brush.

The next step is to drain the radiator. To do this, we’ll get some gloves and will place the drain pan under the drain valve radiator. Then we pull the handle and see how the coolant, which is toxic, drops. When finished, cover the drain pan aside and although we have controlled so that no one accidentally intoxicated.

Then we have to check that the hose clamps that hold the radiator are not oxidized and that the hoses are not aggregates. There are two, one which takes away the hot coolant and the other is responsible for emptying the cold refrigerant radiator.

Now it flushes the radiator before putting new coolant. With a hose introduce water into the radiator until it is full, then we return to him empty.

Before placing the new coolant, we do mix in a bowl. Ideally, this is formed by half of distilled water and the other half of antifreeze.

Before ending the cleaning, we purge the radiator. To do this, start the engine leaving the cap off and let it run for about ten minutes. Get so hot the coolant radiator and the air comes out, so there is more space for cooling.